February 27, 2020

Better use of healthcare technology and data can build improved care coordination and support more comprehensive bundled payment programs

January 25, 2018

G.O Strategic Advisors just completed our first survey.  This survey focused on insurance premiums and benefit plan designs.  The results were conclusive and support the increased use of mobile health and tele-medicine to reduce premiums and improve quality of care....

December 26, 2017

This month was an active one.  I attended the MedMo17 conference in New York, sponsored by MedStartr, published an article on clinical variation, saw lots of momentum around healthcare data, analytics and social determinants of health as valid data points in care deliv...

December 10, 2017

Healthcare data sources are evolving, care delivery needs to change, and there is significant momentum going into 2018

October 17, 2017

  • Disrupt “healthcare” to be about community “health” first, and “care” second

  • Collaboration is needed to address wasted resources and social determinant drivers

  • Why not have a health insurance plan or physician value based contract with incentives to shop...

September 14, 2017

  • I think we are mostly chasing “innovation” without full consideration of its impact and usefulness

  • Impact analysis has to consider organization culture and readiness, as well as impact to others like partners and the community (not just patients)

  • Analysis...

September 8, 2017

I am both excited and alarmed by the articles and case studies on emerging healthcare related technology and related investments which highlight new healthcare apps, data management tools, or enhanced analytic software suites. There is tremendous potential to be incred...

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