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Guarda Oltre 

An Italian phrase with a deeper meaning than the literal translation.  Guarda Oltre implies looking deeper and beyond what is understood or seen, to consider that we do not know yet what that deeper meaning could be.  It means to consider something else in the direction you are looking that could be more important for you to pay attention to.  This is our philosophy at G.O Strategic Advisors. 

It is our mission at G.O Strategic Advisors to combine our passion for change in healthcare with perspective and deep insights developed from broad industry experience to assist you to achieve more.  We are driven by our personal and professional experiences in chronic care delivery.  We see a better way that includes the broader population and the health and wellness of people in a holistic sense.  We are here to help improve the overall health-based experience across the entire community and remove the fog that obscures the path forward.  Come join us.

Our experience includes working with health plans on strategies associated with product design and pricing, network design and claims cost management. We have also assisted providers in considering population health management opportunities. These include understanding the metrics and process challenges associated with quality improvement, and the infrastructure and data/analytic enablement required to launch population health based strategies.


We have assisted provider organizations evaluate alternative business strategies such as clinical integrated networks and options aligned with outcomes based incentives / transition from fee for service to value based contracting.  

We all  know healthcare is complex and intricate.  It is as much about community, food, and jobs as it is about patient experience and clinical effectiveness.  It is also a part of our lives that until recently has not seen significant change.  We have experienced a slow maturity in clinical delivery and drug therapies over the past several thousands of years.  This pace greatly accelerated in the past 100 years.  The change we are experiencing now however is exponential in comparison. 


The initiatives today range from a better understanding of how social determinants impact our preferences as individuals, as well as a patient.  Bio-medical advancements and genetic research are coming together to create personalized therapies.  Bionics and exoskeleton technology rethink the medical devices space. 

Global communities have the opportunity to combine data and identify clinically proven, evidence based standards and guidelines.  We are collecting real-time data from devices in our pockets.  We are building new processes and interfaces that impact all aspects of the value chain.  We are expanding the concept of "health" and  "care" through revolutionary advancements that are intertwined with emerging and potentially disruptive business models. 

This is not the time to settle for observations and conclusions that focus on the problem in front of us, but rather is a time we must dig deep and look beyond to see the inter-connections and broader issues.  

Guarda Oltre.

About us1

Mark Jamilkowski has been assisting health enterprises for almost 30 years as a strategic consultant and an actuary.  Mark is an experienced healthcare leader with a passion for solving complex issues with practical solutions and bottom-line results. He has an intense desire to change healthcare delivery for the betterment of all and is energized by considering “what is possible” and collaborative dialog. Mark is a co-founder of a start-up and has assisted other start-ups as well as industry giants translate strategic initiative into successful execution. Mark helps clients with such initiatives as value based contracting and population health analytics, identifying competitive and operational challenges, assessing alternative business strategies, and measuring key success metrics. Mark has worked with companies to re-align processes to achieve market and product strategic objectives.

Mark is a motivating leader and mentor who excels at guiding others to achieve professional and personal growth.

G.O Strategic Advisors Client success stories:

  • Helping a half-billion dollar orthopedic solutions company with data analysis to identify new markets and financial modeling to evaluate value based contracting options.

  • Conducting work sessions with a healthcare technology start-up to determine strategic focus for the next round of growth and better communicate value proposition for venture capital raise.

  • Analyzing patient data and working with management of a nutrition-focused start-up to identify value based approaches to the market and identify key internal competencies and processes necessary to support the initiative.

  • Assisting a multi-specialty IPA focused on behavioral health and substance abuse to design a broader care coordination based approach to be packaged and priced as a care bundle.  Assisted management with strategic ideation, data analysis, financial modeling and pricing, and contracting discussions.  

  • Helped frame the vision and go-to-market strategy for home health focused enterprise with a focus on consolidation and age-at-home / IoT connected home care management support to the patient.   Helped design the financial plan and assist with capital raise.

About us 2
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