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We have extensive industry experience working with providers, hospitals and health plans on a broad range of projects spanning market and product strategies, financial and actuarial analytics, and process redesign.  We bring this knowledge and insights to assist you: 

  • Create effective market strategies and achievable business objectives.

  • Identify existing gaps and organizational concerns that impact care        delivery, consumer engagement, and operational effectiveness.

  • Identify new market opportunities. 

  • Develop business cases and market value propositions.

We bring vision, leadership, and insights that go beyond the problem to a much broader perspective that accelerates valuation appreciation.  


Introducing innovation to traditional healthcare entities can be targeted to specific issues, such as addressing inefficiencies in a care delivery process, or evolutionary, such as introducing new communication pathways between patient, physician and health plan.  


Technology and analytics are also being developed that address a future state, redefining the way and manner care is delivered and financed. However, whether evolutionary or truly disruptive, there are significant barriers and challenges to address in order for design, development and implementation to be successful in the market.  We have developed and led creative approaches to help organizations address gaps in operations, capabilities, and infrastructure to better support these initiatives.

With G.O Strategic Advisors, we can apply our understanding of market dynamics to assist with:


  • Identifying where implementation of tools and technology may overlap with existing client / market capabilities.


  • Identifying design and functionality that may not align with emerging needs for specific target market segments.

  • Building client acceptance and culture alignment around innovation by identifying and reconciling competing enterprise initiatives.

Risk Quantification
Analytic Vision


The evolution in data availability from electronic medical records was only the start of a massive tidal wave of data.  Is your organization keeping up with what is now available and useful? 

A lot has been written about the industry's inconsistent ability to capture and import data available from wearable technology, tele-medicine interfaces, internet-based activity, and other sources with social determinant data.  There is similarly significant difficulty integrating all these data sources in an organized manner in order to analyze, visualize or communicate in care delivery modernization. Ultimately, the goal is to translate these data points into improved quality of care.  For the physician that ROI is best captured through reimbursement contracts that allows them to realize ownership of those savings.  The goal then becomes at-risk, value-based contracting that is profitable and sustainable.

We have worked with provider organizations on understanding the intricacies of risk based contracting, and analyzed various options related to network design and care continuum affiliations.

We have worked with both health plans and providers on the identification of target populations and the strategies and analysis supporting population health management based initiatives.

The approach is collaborative, building effective healthcare data analysis teams across Actuarial, Clinical and Data Scientist disciplines to assist start-ups as well as established companies create insightful and actionable information. 

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