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Benefit plan survey results support wider use of Tele-medicine and other mHealth solutions

G.O Strategic Advisors just completed our first survey. This survey focused on insurance premiums and benefit plan designs. The results were conclusive and support the increased use of mobile health and tele-medicine to reduce premiums and improve quality of care.

We asked people to choose among a variety of options that compared different insurance prices with different levels of digital health and data sharing options. Respondents to the survey were almost unanimous in their support for 20% - 30% price reductions in their insurance even if that meant potentially having to move to a new primary care doctor. Also, there was wide acceptance for sharing data with the health plan, through mobile health (mHealth) and/or tele-medicine platforms, if this resulted in improved quality of care in addition to reduced premiums.

The implications for start-ups and healthcare technology innovators is to be mindful of the data being collected, or is possible to collect, in the goal of improving not just access to care but clinical quality improvement as well. Health insurers can take note that benefit plan design and pricing should be considering these initiatives in a more aggressive manner.

We just launched our next survey, looking for feedback on what features consumers look for in their digital health / tele-medicine experience.

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