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Life Inside a Healthcare Start-Up

DNA of a healthcare startup: @evry_healthcare

A year ago I began G.O Strategic Advisors with the goal to be a bridgemaker - that is, help healthcare related start-ups connect with health plan and health system leadership. The idea was straightforward enough. Get into the mix and help the industry realize the full potential and value of an innovation, and help innovators better communicate the impact they are looking to create.

G.O Strategic Advisors was just getting started helping clients when along came the opportunity to be a founder of Evry healthcare, a start-up health insurance company. I jumped at it.

Being part of the change in the industry in such a direct manner is exhilarating and inspiring. I am excited to start each day and work with the team, applying our collective experience, solving the next challenge. We took Evry Healthcare through Y Combinator and we are well on our way to building the company. There are frustrations, as there are still components of the industry that are difficult to change. In facing these frustrations and issues, however, i found a few things to be of paramount importance.

  1. Passion - Be passionate about what your are doing and let that passion flow through all of your communication; your energy is infectious, people will want to work with you

  2. Listen - It is very important to have passion for the future vision, but it is equally important to listen to feedback. The humbleness to accept feedback and make course corrections is a critical skill set

  3. Patience - Achieving your goals will require time, energy, stamina, will power, self discipline, and respectfulness. Bring these everyday to support your team, communicate effectively with vendors as well as investors, and keep the course.

  4. Balance - As much as you want to devote all your time you cannot. The passion will fade if you do not maintain balance through proper diet, exercise/activity, sleep, and external pursuits. It is equally important to stimulate your creativity and spirit with whatever hobbies or interests you have outside of the passion driving your business model. You will be no use to anyone if you do not take care of yourself.

  5. Laugh and Learn - It is critical to have a sense of humor, to laugh at yourself and each other, and to enjoy the moment. Be human. What we are trying to achieve is not easy, and you should expect it will be difficult. Learn from every opportunity by having an open mind, and nothing opens the mind faster than a good laugh.

I guess it should be no surprise that a healthcare insurer would want you to exercise, eat right and sleep better. I am honored to be part of Evry Healthcare.

Watch for additional posts as this journey continues or follow me @shifthealthcare.

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